COSF will be a CGI foundry that produces scripts from:

 - The existing projects of its members (which means if you have a project
in the works which was supposed to be finished a year ago right before you
started on the new one)
 - The Scripts which have been abandoned because the scripter lost his/her
interest in.
 - From the brain child of any of our members.

I am planning to make a CGI Open Source Foundry

We will start in stages.

After the Foundry is initially set-up we will begin to release scripts.

The main goal would be to improve our skills, start something and actually
finish it quickly and better than designed.

    The CGI Open Source Foundry is designed to help Perl/PHP developers find
help and resources to improve the Open Source CGI community.  We plan to
have the CGI Open Source Foundry built by late-summer (refer to our
schedule).  We plan on using this site to share ideas, post news of our
progress on the foundry and various other projects, and recruit programmers.

    We are looking for our first members to test and see if this is going to
    COSF will be producing Perl and/or PHP scripts for the open source
community, most under the GNU Public License, -their may be a few sold under
other licenses-.
    This is how COSF will operate:
A developer will either start a project from his/her own projects or take up
an abandoned/dead project from or other places on the
The developer can assign other developers to help them organize the project.
The project then posts an entry on COSF's open projects board and uses
COSF's groupware tools to help them collaborate on the project.
The script is then distributed through COSF and where ever the developers

This was taken from the about page of the COSF site, so the formatting may
be a little off.

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