On Tuesday, March 26, 2002, at 02:12  PM, Jeff Hatcher wrote:

> So my question is how can I put this in the database without having to
> reassign my variable name?

You have to "jump out" of the quoted string that represents your SQL 
query when you echo the value of the $_POST variable.  Like this:

$sql = "SELECT a FROM b WHERE c='" . $_POST['d'] . "'";

Note that I 'jumped out' immediately after the singlequote mark (which 
you need if your value is going into a string field) by closing the 
double-quoted string, using the dot to append the value of the variable 
$_POST['d'], and then using a dot to append another double-quoted string 
(which contains nothing but a single quote in it).

Sometimes, depending on what your variable names look like, you can just 
escape your variable by using braces ('{' and '}'), but I think it's 
just easier to use the dot do appending from string to variable value to 
string again.



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