We have PHP and APACHE (1.3.19) installed and an instance of apache is
running with php support enabled.

I need to set up another instance of httpd using a seperate config file.
However I cannot get PHP support enabled.

I cannot find where the PHP modules are.  I called a phpinfo() on the
instance which is already running and it returned:

It said the config file was in /usr/local/lib/php.ini

I think i am looking for the module mod_php4 but I cannot see where it is.
Any ideas?


I'm having lots of trouble with VirtualDomains.

I have an instance second httpd running (without php) on a port other than
80 and it runs fine.  But whenever I add VirtualDomain to the httpd.conf the
main page gets replaced by the main page of the VirtualDomain.  This is
really anoying me is there anything I should check for?


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