Below is some code that I have used to send an email Via mail. The message
sends with the correct data, HOWEVER my mail server don't like the header
and sends the email back to admin.

ROUTER: Failure delivering mail message to recipient: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
[ROUTER: Unexpected SMTP Server '' [250] received: 550 Syntax
error in 'From' header: missing or malformed local part (expected word or
"<"): failing address is: Philip J. Newman]

Can anyone help with this

 $msg = "Thanks, $name.  Your entry had been added, Good Luck.";
 $msg .= "Email: $email.\n";
 $msg .= "Text: $address, $suburb.\n";
 $msg .= "Answer: $answer";

 $mailheaders = "From: Philip J. Newman\n";
 $mailheaders .= "Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]\n\n";

 mail("$email", "[Newman] Conformation of entry. ", $msg, $mailheaders);

Philip J. Newman
PhilipNZ :: Design Solutions
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+64 25 6144012

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