Im in a debate with someone else.
Basically were debating code bulk.

This is just an example ->

if (isset($run_this_code)) {
     echo $this->run_this_code;
echo 'Finished';

Now, if I understand php correctly, the whole script gets parsed, but 
since $run_this code isn't set, $this->run_this_code doesn't get 
echoed/executed.  What this other person is telling me that its more 
effiecient for *him* to have ->

echo 'Finished';


The script is a general purpose script.  Its not built for one person. 
Some may use $run_this_code and some may not.  So in taking out that bit 
of code, all it does is save the parser, what fraction of a fraction of 
a second??
Im just looking for ammunition so I could go and shoot this guy down... :)

Thanks for listening

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