On Wednesday 27 March 2002 16:25, Jason Caldwell wrote:
> Can anyone give me the quick and easy on IMAP and POP3 ?
> What I want to do is, check my POP3 server for messages, download those
> messages into my MySQL DB.  I want to retrieve the FROM, SUBJECT, HEADER
> and BODY from the messages and place them in the corresponding mysql
> fields.
> I know the mysql / php stuff fine ... it's the IMAP / POP3 thing I'm a
> little lost on.  Perhaps someone can point me to a script posted on some
> website that shows some examples of how to use IMAP to connect and retrieve
> messages via POP3, or if anyone out there already has some examples,
> that'll be very helpful.

You could take a look at SquirrelMail (www.squirrelmail.org). That uses IMAP 
(albeit it's own functions rather than PHP's). And if you take a look at the 
plugins (mailfetch or something), that should give you an idea of how to do 

In fact check out all the other webmail systems written in PHP.

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