Also make sure that the directory is below the doc_root that is set in the
php.ini file

doc_root = /html

directory example
        |-/cgi-bin (PHP will not run here)
        |-/html (PHP will run here)
            |-whatever (PHP will run here) 

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What are the permissions like on that directory? Does the user/group that 
runs your PHP process have read permissions on that directory?


Spyproductions Support Team wrote:

> Does anyone know if there is such a thing, maybe by writing in perl or
> even writing in a configuration file, as keeping PHP out of a certain
> directory or directory structure?
> I'm trying to figure out why PHP is not working in one of my directories;
> I can tell you there is a good amount of perl/cgi in it.
> Thanks,
> -Mike

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