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In this situation, you should use an array to store the results.

Please check PHP's documentation for more information on how to use arrays.

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Sorry I think I've badly explained this !

I'm getting results from mysql in a while loop
but I need the results outside of the loops
and so what I want to do is take the first variable from the db
and rename it as variable 1
and then before the end of the while loop have a $i++;

so i want
$newvar_$i = result 1
$newvar_$i = result 2

so I can use them outside the loops as
$newvar_1 and $newvar_2

hope that makes more sense !

> Can someone please remind me what the correct syntax for this is !
> in a loop
> and want individual
> $ned_1_city = blah
> $ned_2_city = blur
> I've been trying this but its wrong
> $ned_.$i._city = $ned_city ;
> thanks
> john
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