You probably want strstr().  or stristr().
Just as a usability recommendation on you code below, please don't restrict your pages
to IE only..  This would be better:

if (!strstr($HTTP_USER_AGENT,"MSIE 5.5") {
  print "Please note this page has functionality designed for IE5.5";

Users of perfectly good browsers like Mozilla, Opera, and IE5/mac won't be
locked out.


Wednesday, March 27, 2002, 7:46:12 AM, Ron wrote:
R> How would I compare to variables where I would want one variable to equal
R> only part or some of the other variable?
R> Here is the code

R> <?
R> if ($HTTP_USER_AGENT !== "%MSIE 5.5%") {
R>  print "You must upgrade your browser";
R> } else {
R>  exit;
R> }


R> Any suggestions


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