Hi Duncan,

Also working with IMAP because I'm writing a webmail. Haven't met this 
problem before but if I were you, I'd consider the following steps

1) Check if the IMAP daemon is running. Type "nmap localhost" at your shell 
to see if IMAP daemon (port 143, and it appears as imap2 on my server) is 
running. If it's not running AND you're using UWash IMAP server, type 
"chkconfig imap on" to run it. For Cyrus, I think the procedure is the same 
though I dare not confirm.

2) If your IMAP daemon is still not running, maybe someone who shared your 
server accidentally misconfigured some files. You can re-install IMAP 
server. I suggest using RPM instead of compiling source. Download from 
rpmfind.net. That's the easier and hassle-free way. I don't think you need 
to re-configure PHP after installing IMAP, provided the PHP-IMAP extension 
is intact since your last successful attempt.

Hope that helps.

Anyway, are you using UWash IMAP server?


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