$result=mysql_query("DELETE FROM customer
                        WHERE customer=$cust",
$ds) and
$result=mysql_query("DELETE FROM custinfo
                        WHERE customer=$cust",
$ds) and
$result=mysql_query("DELETE FROM revdns
                        WHERE customer=$cust",
$ds) and
AuditLog($ds, sprintf(my_("User %s deleted customer cust %u"),
         $HTTP_SERVER_VARS["PHP_AUTH_USER"], $cust));

Note that the code is one long "line". Am I safe to assume that the
last statement (AuditLog), will only be executed if all the preceding
statements complete without error and that the statement will be short
circuited and stop if anything fails?

I know this is safe for C. Is it safe for php, and also, will it be
safe in the future?

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