If you've read the Zend 2.0 Engine documentation, you'll know that PHP4 is
getting a BUNCH of cool functionality
To: php-dev at lists dot php dot net <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
From: Andi Gutmans <andi at zend dot com <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>> 
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 12:38:12 +0200 

Most big language changes planned for the Zend Engine 2 have been made. I 
think it's not a good idea to make many more changes before we get out a 
version based on the current changes. The changes have been deep in the 
guts of the Engine and we should get it rock solid before thinking of more 
things which might be nice to add. I need LOTS of testing and already know 
of some code which might need some improvement.
I would like to package a preview version to get a large PHP audience to 
check it out and test drive it a bit. I think if I improve the ZEND_CHANGES 
document that should be enough documentation to get people to test drive 
It's probably best to base this version on the 4.2.0 branch as the 4.3.0 
will probably take some time to be stable due to the huge amount of streams 
I will try and get something packaged in the next couple of weeks (I still 
want to do some testing of my own).


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