Hi Rick,

thanks for correcting me. (numeric order)

I thought he just wants to select one col. (SELECT "3rd column" FROM table
... )

I didn't read your answer because it was not in the same thread (reading the
with MS Outlook Express), because the subject-line changed. Can you suggest
a newsreader which can manage this? I assume this is the wrong place to ask,
if you don't want to answer, please tell me where to find the answer.
(I didn't find it in any FAQs.) Sorry for asking such a stupid question.


> Jens,
> A database does have a structure.  The order in which the columns/fields
> defined is their numeric order.
> Second, mysql_fetch_row() will accomplish what he needs.
> Third, we answered this yesterday.
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> From: Jens Lehmann [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2002 8:18 AM
> Subject: [PHP] Re: accessing a mysql column by number
> > Is there a way to access a column in Mysql just by using a number?
> Please refer to the MySQL-Documentation. A database doesn't have
> any predefined structure, so you're responsible for doing this. Can you
> explain why you need this "feature"?
> > Like if you had three columns called "column1", "column2", and
> > "column3" and I wanted to access column3 just by using the number 3
> This could simply be done by using prefixes:
> $col = $prefix.$number
> Jens
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