Just as a note, recent builds of Mozilla have a cookie manager that is
the best for seeing exactly what's going on with your cookies.  You
can list by name or host and see all the properties of each.  Know
when your session cookies are sent/deleted, know if PHP is allowing
use of the same SESSID in a new session..

BTW the rest of the browser is tops as well.

As for David's post, keep in mind PHP won't generate an error if
a cookie isn't accepted.  I bet when cookies are turned off in some
browsers, the browser may "accept" it but throw it away.  Like junk
mail.  Could be wrong about this though..


Wednesday, March 27, 2002, 10:10:19 PM, David wrote:
DM> 3.  I am thinking that I should get an error because I presume that
DM> session_start() will attempt to set a cookie (which it appears to do).  
DM> (I tried setcookie() too and the cookie was accepted.)
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