hi there,

I'm trying to upload a file using php on an apache server running on

The code of the form I'm using is as follow:

<form  enctype=\"multipart/form-data\" method=POST
action=$PHP_SELF?action=doupload >
<p>File to upload:<br>
<input type=file name=file size=30>
<input type=text name=zio size=30>
<p><button name=submit type=submit>

when I press the submit button after selecting the file, nothing
I tried to print the filename passed by the form but it is empty.
If I run the same page on my win2k server, everything works fine.
It seems as that the form doesn't pass post variables. I also tried to
delete the enctype parameter and in this case the variables are printed
on screen.

Is there any particular setting on linux for this page to work?


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