I am learning PHP and I am having some trouble.  I am working on a hit
counter application.  I am using PHP 4 even though the file extension might
lead you to believe I am using PHP 3.

This code is on a page called "homePage.php3".  Here is the instantiation of my 
   $counter = new Counter("homePage.php3");
   echo "<BR>All Done!"

Here is count.txt... this is where I store the counts of each page...this is some test 

testPage.php3 6
homePage.php3 76
b 99

Here is my counter.php3 code.  This code is not complete.  All it should do right now 
is to output the position in the array that it found the hitcounter...using the test 
data above I am expecting the output to be ">>>1<<<", assuming that PHP arrays are 
zero numbered, but instead I am getting ">>><<<".  What am I doing wrong?

 class Counter
 var $mName; // The name of the counter...this should be the name of the web page the 
counter is on
 var $mCount; // The C
 var $mDataFile;
 var $mHandle;
 var $mFileArray;
 var $mCountPosition; //this is the position of the counter in mFileArray

 // Constructor
 function Counter($name)
     $this->mDataFile = "./counter/count.txt";
     $this->mCount = 1;
     $this->mCounterPosition = -1;
     $this->mName = $name;
     $this->mHandle = fopen($this->mDataFile, "r+");

     // Reading the file into an array...each new line is a seperate element of the 
     if (!($this->mFileArray = file($this->mDataFile)))
        printf("Could not read this file: " . $mHandle . "<BR>");
     $this->mCountPosition = $this->hitCounterPosition();  // ??? Why is this not 
returning anything ???
     printf(">>>" . $this->mCountPosition . "<<< <BR>");  // The output I am getting 
is:  >>><<<

function hitCounterPosition() //returns the position of the hitcounter in mFileArray
   for ($i=0; $i < count( $mFileArray ); $i++) // iterates through the array
      $pos = strpos( $mFileArray[$i], $mName);
      if (!is_integer($pos)) // The hit counter has NOT been found
         return (-1);
      else // The hit counter has been found
         return ($pos);
} // end of class

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