I checked the developer database, and I'm not saying it isn't in there...
but I couldn't find it, so here it goes:

Here is the problem... given the code below, I would expect a fill color of
73% cyan, 26% magenta, 5% yellow and 0 black.  However, the 73% cyan will
default to zero unless you specify 1.  The bug is that no gradient is
allowed for the first color option in the pdf set color command.  It takes
either 1 or zero and anything in between defaults to zero.  This is true of
RGB as well.  If you do not specify 1, the first colorspace defaults to 0.


I'm using php 4.05 RC1.  I know there was a bug about the last options being
required but ignored for color options, such as RGB, that doesn't make use
of them, but I don't know of one relating to this... am I doing something

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