> I am in a dilemma right now between "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" and
> over my shoulder".  I am trying to determine whether it makes more sense
to use
> ML for maintaining configuration files.

  Compiled program ==> ML configuration file
  Interpreted program (i.e PHP) ==> included configuration file with
variables set

  For most interpreted programs I can't see any advantage in adding extra
code and processing time just to store the config file in a ML.

> As far as content management, we use static include files or MySQL
databases to
> store site content.   I am not sure where the advantage of using XML/XLST
for this
> functionality.

  I'm currently working on a class library/application framework for PHP
(similar to Delphi's VCL) in which I'm using XML/XSLT for the templates.
It's working great with development not taking very long at all. The two
main advantages of using XML/XSLT for content management that I can see are:
    1. It's easier to enforce a common look and feel on a site.
    2. It's easier to re-target content (different transformations for
different browsers).


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