$col = imagecolorallocate($im, 51, 51, 204);


ImageFill <>($im, $x, 
$y, $col);


ImageSetPixel($im, $x, $y, $col);


Andy wrote:

>Hi there,
>I would like to change the color on a png file from black to blue. This png
>file is
>transparent and contains only a spot which is black. It is needed to stay
>because I am gonna merge it later on with a jpeg.
>I tryed imagecolorset but anyhow I do not understand the syntax.
>Here is my try:
>  # set home color
>  $farbe_b = imagecolorallocate($country_image,0,0,0);  // create index for
>the black color
>  imagecolorset($country_image,$farbe_b,51,51,204); // darker blue
>Can anybody help on this.
>Thanx in advance,

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