But actually be it one email, two emails or 1000 emails what you did really is 
considered spam.

1. <messaging> (From Hormel's Spiced Ham, via the Monty Python "Spam" song) To post 
irrelevant or inappropriate messages to one or more Usenet newsgroups, mailing lists, 
or other messaging system in deliberate or accidental violation of netiquette. 

In all actualality what I am doing right now is considered Spam as well, and yet I 
will apologize for it.
But it's best not to start a flame war with people which is very well the route you 
are starting to take with this.
This is suppose to be a list for coding, for PHP to be specific, and no your post 
about your auction site to the
list is inappropriate material for the list.  So yes, it was Spam.  Your best bet 
really would have been to drop it,
let everyone chalk it up as a mistake on your part and move on, not:

> You people take everything too seriously.
> I'm sure you've also doen it once in you life before.
> And a message for bvr and caspe kennerdale.
> You are obviousely Americans

1. I know very few people that have resorted to Spam, I run several pay sites and I 
won't do it, because it is bothersome
to people, and that isn't the way to attract clients/users.
2. What really is the relevance of your statement about how they must obviously be 
Americans?  This is the point I was
making about taking the wrong path and inciting a flame war.  It serves no purpose, 
undermines the list, and wastes 
people's email box space with useless mail.  

Again as I've admited this message itself can be considered Spam and it very well is.  
But I apologize for it, since it is not
in the topic of the list, but I for one prefer to see emails about code, not 'What 
I've always been waiting for'.

Thanks and my apologies for being off topic to the list.

Sr. Designer/Developer
Site Administrator

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