So the end justifies the means is what you are saying. Using an example
of someone who got what they wanted through devious and dishonest
actions as a justification for your actions is a demonstration of your
warped ideas of what is ok and what is not.

Spammers do not get it. They're only out for their own selfish ends, as
you have clearly demonstrated, and they don't care about anyone else. 

You should be ashamed, but I'm certain that you are not.

Matt Friedman
Web Applications Developer

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once apon a time there was a South African online company called
have a look,, the pulled a stunt and stoll all the
unlisted numbers from the local telephone company telkomsa
turns out, after the big court case they are now getting 3 times more
and generating a shit load more of money that ever were in the past !

so, what is advertising(SPAM)...
a big fat stunt that someone pulls off to generate website traffic.
for the 700 of so hits that i got alon from this news group i generated
couple of thousand rands in just 2days.

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