I'm not sure where to post this, neither if I should report this as a
bug, because I'm not sure if it is one at all.

I installed php 4.2 ORC1 lately and encountered a strange session
problem. The following script reproduces this problem:



echo "<a href='{$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']}?".SID."'>Link</a>";

echo '<br><br>'. SID."<br><br>";

echo session_id();


As you can see, the script starts a session and then generates a link to
itself. When I call this script the first time, the session gets created
as expected. Also the link is generated correctly, if I block the
session cookie. But when I click on that link, SID is empty on the
following page (that's the same script again, of course), although the
session still exists. So the output gives me an empty SID, but a correct
session id. The same script does work with 4.1.2.

Does any explanantion for this behaviour exist? Or is it a bug?
trans-sid is disabled and not even compiled in. But that shouldn't be a
problem I think, because SID is the alternative to trans-sid.

Can anybody confirm this behaviour? Or should I submit a bug report?



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