> I am trying this method: Register a global variable ($CSS) using a FORM.
> [snip]
> I wonder if I am not doing something stupid/overlooking something obvious,
> but I am very new @ PHP so that is possible.
> // in my global PHP file
> // Now what I am trying to do here is set a default that should ONLY be
> // used if the $CSS variable is NOT already set
> if (!isset($CSS))
> {
> // if it is not set, then and only then set it and define it
> session_start();
> session_register("CSS");
> $CSS="global";
> }

1.  session_start() should called every time,
    ie not inside a conditional clause.

2.  I'm not sure that giving the form-return value
    and the session value the same name is a good idea.

3.  I think a lot of the double-quotes in your echoed
    text were screwing things up.

Try something like:

<?php        // HEADER

    // new session?  set default value
    if (!session_is_registered("CSS")) {
        $CSS = "global";

    // setting changed by form?  update session value
    if (isset($newCSS))
        $CSS = $newCSS;

<!-- USAGE -->
    <link type='text/css' rel='stylesheet' href='/global/css/<?php echo
$CSS; ?>.css' />

<!-- FOOTER -->
    <p>Choose style:
    <form method='post'>        <!-- default action is get-to-self -->
        <select name='newCSS'>
            <option value='default' selected>Default</option>
            <option value='smaller'>Smaller</option>
            <option value='tamecolors'>Tamer Colors</option>
            <option value='print'>Print</option>
        <input alt='Set Style' type='submit' name='Set Style' value='Set
Style' />
    <p>Current style is: <strong><?php echo $CSS; ?></strong></p>

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