> OK, I've figured it out.  Apparantly when setting php
> vars in an apache config file, you HAVE to use the
> form
> "php_admin_value" as opposed to just "php_value".
> Some of the php documentation is vague or even
> misleading, such as this example from the online docs,
> which does not use the form php_admin_value but is
> obviously used in the apache config file:
> <IfModule mod_php4.c>
>    php_value include_path ".:/usr/local/lib/php"
>    php_flag safe_mode on
> </IfModule>
> Also, the docs say:
> php_value name value
>      This sets the value of the specified variable.
> php_admin_value name value
>      This sets the value of the specified variable.
> "Admin" configuration settings can only be set from
> within the main Apache configuration files, and not
> from .htaccess files.
> So it makes it sound as if you CAN use the php_value
> form in the apache config, but that it is
> over-rideable
> via htaccess files... However it doesnt work, at least
> with the 4.1.2...

Sure it works.  It depends on the directive.  Obviously safe_mode is not
something that can be overridden by users in a .htaccess file, so
safe_mode is set via php_admin_flag whereas something like include_path is
not an admin value and is set via php_value.

> Maybe the functionality has been changed recently, for security reasons.
> I figure if you go to the trouble to set a value in apache for a
> particular virtualhost, you dont want to allow it to be overridden via
> htaccess, which isnt possible when they force you to use the
> php_admin_value form. I actually prefer it that way, the docs just need
> updating!

No, the docs are actually correct.  None admin flags can be overridden in
.htaccess files assuming you enable it via the appropriate AlloveOverride
Options.  If you don't set "Options" on AllowOverride then none of this
stuff can be overridden in the .htaccess files.


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