This I simply don't understand why this code executes that
way. So there is only inportant to put return after recursive
call and it works like i wan't. I sometimes write small C
programs and I don't remeber that code like this have to work
that way.... Hm.

 Uros                            mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Sunday, March 31, 2002, 1:10:30 AM, you wrote:

LTW> On Sat, 2002-03-30 at 15:59, Uros Gruber wrote:
>> Hi!
>> This is a code
>> function Test()
>> {
>>     static $count = 0;
>>     $count++;
>>     echo $count;
>>     if ($count < 10) {
>>         Test ();
>>     }
>>     echo "j";
>> }
>> test();
>> Output is
>> 12345678910jjjjjjjjjj
>> Why is there 10 j at the and. If this would work it can be
>> only one. If $count is grater than 10 it does not call itself
>> but end. Is this maybe a bug or what.

LTW> No, there should be 10 of them, since every time Test() returns,
LTW> the function carries on executing. If you only want one 'j'
LTW> printed then put a return statement after the call to Test():

LTW> function Test()
LTW> {
LTW>     static $count = 0;
LTW>     $count++;
LTW>     echo $count;
LTW>     if ($count < 10) {
LTW>         Test();
LTW>         return;
LTW>     }
LTW>     echo "j";
LTW> }
LTW> Test();

LTW> Cheers!

LTW> Torben

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