You're asking the wrong question.

'Disabling the back button' changes the expected behaviour
of the browser and as such is an *EVIL* thing to do, roughly
on par with driving the wrong way down one-way streets or
spray-painting your neighbor's cat.

What you want is to 'prevent the user from accessing or
resubmitting the form after it has been submitted', and
the question is the answer: when the form is submitted set
a flag; check the flag before showing a page or accepting
a submission.

"David Johansen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> OK, I basically just want to make it so that the user can't go back once
> they're done with an application form that I'm working on. I don't case if
> they go back in the middle and my page handles that just fine, but I want
> them to not be able to go back when they're all done. Is there some way
> I can do this? Thanks,

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