Hi there,

I know I already posted this prob 2 days ago, but I am still stuck. What I
is to use imagefill what BvR suggested, but the problem is, that I would
need to know where the black part is to set the start pixel color. This is
possible. Also Hugh was asking why I do not do this in Photos. Thats because
I have 250 images and don't want to save the same image twice. There must
be a way to do this in php.

The sittuation is as follows:
I have a map of the world with all countries. I have 250 maps of the same
as png where only one country is black, rest is transp.
Now I neeed to set this country color to blue or red to indicate a special
I just don't want to save the same map double or tripple.

How could I color the black spot inside the transparent png?

Thanx a lot for any hint.


PS: The old message is underneath

I would like to change the color on a png file from black to blue. This png
file is
transparent and contains only a spot which is black. It is needed to stay
because I am gonna merge it later on with a jpeg.

I tryed imagecolorset but anyhow I do not understand the syntax.

Here is my try:

  # set home color
  $farbe_b = imagecolorallocate($country_image,0,0,0);  // create index for
the black color
  imagecolorset($country_image,$farbe_b,51,51,204); // darker blue

Can anybody help on this.

Thanx in advance,


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