very thanks Cal.

I don't have any problem with security settings or another client side
setting. Because actually I'm using PHP for an application (but not a web
application) just works for the machine which is the server or in the same
LAN with the werver. And all settings of their browsers are made by me. So
that i can make all settings  proper to do so. Also OS is win98 or maybe
win2000. Most scanner's user interfaces can absolutely do their job perfect
on scanning and sending the output to the caller. But the only problem here
I understand is that it's not possible to call an EXE file?

"Cal Evans" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Martina,
> If you mean, from within a browser, is it possible to invoke a program on
> client's machine then...yes,  with a caveat.  If the OS is windows, and
> program has a COM interface and the user has set the security settings to
> moronically low level, it is possible to invoke COM objects via either
> VBScript or JavaScript. (JSrcipt).
> It's not a good idea. From your side, since you have little or no control
> over it. From the users side, they have to lower their security settings
> allow you to do it.  Users who know that means won't want to. Those who
> don't will require a lot of hand holding.
> My $.02 worth. Hope you found an answer somewhere among the rant.  :)
> =C=
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> Subject: [PHP] Is it possible to call an external client or server
> program?
> Is it possible to call an external program via PHP. The program will most
> probably be in server.
> My aim is to call a scanner input program and want the client to scan a
> paper and upload it.
> thanks for help.
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> martina.
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