I'm working on a script to read in the results from a search engine and find out a 
website's position in the results.  I've run into some problems trying to read the 
results in from google, it seems no matter how I try to open the page in php it still 
won't read the results.  I've tried using different functions to read the page, but 
all with no luck, it seems that php thinks the page doesn't exist.  If anyone has any 
experience of a similar problem reading a file, or has any idea's on how to get it to 
read (maybe I missed something obvious), please let me know,

Here's some examples of what I've tried so far,

example 1

$fp = @fopen("http://www.google.com/search?q=$keywords&num=10&hl=en&start=1&sa=N","r";);
if ($fp)
{ print"The file exists!";

$contents = fread ($fp,"100000");

echo $contents;

{ print"The file does not exist"; }

example 2

$contents = @join ('', file 
echo $contents;
echo "The file does not exist";

I've avoided using functions like readfile, and fpassthru since they dump the file to 
output imediately, and I want to get the page as a string I can search.  Hope somone 
has some idea's on this,



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