On Monday, April 1, 2002, at 11:08  AM, Denis L. Menezes wrote:

> $query="INSERT INTO news (newsid,title, author, body, posted)
>          VALUES($newsid,$title, $author, $body, UNIX_TIMESTAMP())";
> IF (mysql_query($query)){
>   print "Row added to table";
>   } else {
>   print "error adding row";
>   }
> ?>
> It gives the link ID. But then gives "error adding row"

If you are inserting a value into a string-type column, then it must be 
quoted.  I recommend you change your query to look like this:

$query = "INSERT INTO news (newsid,
                  VALUES    ($newsid,

I've made the (possibly incorrect) assumption that your newsid column is 
not a string-type column, so I didn't quote the variable -- but you 
could, and it should still insert as normal.

And yes, you can structure your query this way for legibility since 
whitespace is ignored (if you want).



Erik Price
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Media Lab, H.H. Brown

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