Here is a problem :-)

A php post form fooa.php 
Submit all form fields to a page foob.php
Page foob.php do some mysql db check and in one condition I want to
Return to fooa.php without losing any field value... I made this from
foob.php with
But this is more complex esspecially when in fooa.php there are radio
buttons + checkboxes.

I thing that if I could with Javascript in foob.php create an (invisble)
form and take all posted fields from 
Fooa.php And resubmit it with form.submit  method to fooa.php I will
have best results But I donít know how to do this since I am a
begginer.. Anyone can help please send me an email 

Thanks in advnace for your time & help and excuse me if is off topic

Best Regads


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