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> Hi all,
> I have a page that dynamically produces itself from a mysql db. It produces
> a form with the prices of scaffolding items and then uses JS as a quote
> calculator. I was wondering whether someone could tell me how to save the
> whole page into one field so that it can be reproduced in what ever state it
> was left?
> It will not ever be necessary for all the individual fields to be saved,
> only a few key totals will be eventually stored if a quote is finalised so I
> am looking for a quick way of storing the page if the quote is in progress
> and has to be left,

Don't save whole pages, just the unique portion of the pages: those totals. 
Then when the person returns, generate the page as usual, plugging in any 
stored values you have for him/her. You'll need a way to uniquely identify 
the user, so that id can be linked back to the right set of stored data.  
Sessions are perfect for this <>.  Or, if you had no 
concern about the implications of client-side storage, you could use JS to 
store the values directly in a cookie.


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