I'm in trouble with include procedure.
I have a file on host http://www.a.com that must be included by the file on
the host http://www.b.com
The code of the file to be included is as follows:

included.php on http://www.a.com
    $vett[0] = "zero";
    $vett[1] = "one";
    $vett[2] = "two";
    return $vett;

The code of the file which must include first file is as follows:

master.php on http://www.b.com
    $value = include('http://www.a.com/included.php');
    echo $value;
    echo $value[0];
    echo $value[1];
    echo $value[2];

The expected output would be:
but the include procedure doesn't work correctly working on different host.

Can anyone help me please??
I'm in a very big trouble.

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