Hello all,

I've been waiting in the shadows, reading, trying to get a handle on what type of 
questions go here.  I'm hoping this one does, and that some of you guru's might be 
able to offer some insight.

I've just started out with PHP, and want to get to know relational databases.  I've 
seen numerous tutorials that show you how to create the DB with PHP... something along 
the lines of... 

$link = mysql_connect('localhost', 'mylogin', 'mypass');

And the like... but here's my question...

You connect to the database program (MySQL in MyCASE, hehe) and create the database 
and tables you want to use, but... do you only have to run this PHP script once to 
create the database/tables... or do you have to run the lines that create the database 
and tables each time you want to write information to them or extract information from 

I've not come across any tutorials that expand on that.  I'm guessing you run the 
script once to create the DB and Tables, then it's there.  After that, you need only 
write to/extract from them.  If anyone can please offer information on this I'd 
greatly appreciate it.  Also, direct replies to this mail address are encouraged, as 
I'm in digest mode and want to get your answers as soon as I can :o)

Take care all, and thanks in advance!

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