> Yes, there is a way to do it without using any forms.  I may be able to
> help you better if you could show me the relevant code -- I'm not sure
> if what I have in mind is really applicable to what you want to do.

It┤s not really advanced:


if ($change == "inc") {
elseif ($change == "dec") {

I use the variable $change to set the text size in my stylesheet:

if (isset($text_size)) {echo $text_size;} else {echo "10"; $text_size = 10;}

And i set the variable via a link:

<a href="<? echo $PHP_SELF; ?>?change=inc"> (or change=dec)

Now - i don┤t want the variable to be visible. And i would prefer if the
variable didn┤t get set every time someone hit reload.

Or am i attacking this changing-text-size-thingy the wrong way?

- Daniel

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