I have some code, in which I am using the function keyword to create 
subroutines of code (in otherwords, not true functions but rather 
reuseable chunks of other code).

Yeah, it's ugly, but I need to do it this way for now.

So my question is this:  One of my subroutine/functions generates a 
variable.  I would like to make this variable available to another 
subroutine/function, which is called from the first 
subroutine/function.  If what I say is confusing, think of it like this:

   - creates variable_A
   - calls function2

   - needs to access variable_A

The problem is that this variable is not available to function2, even if 
I use the "global" keyword.  The only way I can pass this variable to 
function2 is if I pass it as an argument.  However, in some cases, I 
need to call function2 without this argument, but this creates some 
Warnings which I don't want to see.  I don't want to just suppress these 
warnings, how can I either

(a) Pass a variable from a function to a subfunction called from the 
first function
(b) Pass a variable as an argument to a function but make that argument 
optional so that it does not have to exist to make the function 

Thank you,



Erik Price
Web Developer Temp
Media Lab, H.H. Brown

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