Thanks Jason, that is a pretty good idea.  Any idea how well PHP handles
large ammounts of data like that?  There'll be about 25,000 lines in every
excel file, and they come in groups of 5 or 6.

Tyler Longren
Captain Jack Communications

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> > Has anyone ever converted an excel file over to a MySQL database
> > via PHP? I'm currently doing it with perl, and this isn't a very
> > good option for me. The client needs to login to a server via ssh
> > every time they want to put data from their excel file to mysql.
> > I'd like to find some way to do it through a web browser.
> If you can get them to save the Excel file as tab-delimited, you
> could just read it, explode on \t and assemble your SQL insert
> statements.
> Failing that, you could continue to use the Perl script but accept
> the Excel file as a HTTP upload, and have PHP run the Perl script.
> J
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