I got an email someone submitted through my web form. I've been using this
form for a while, and it had always worked. It still works, but something
new has popped up.

If someone writes, "I'm available to meet with you anytime. We'll talk about
our project."

It appears as: I\'m available to meet with you anytime. We\'ll talk about
our project.

The mail() function as shown:
mail("$recipientname <$final_recipient>","$form[subject]","$form[first_name]
$form[last_name] ($form[email]) send the following message to $recipientname
($final_recipient) : \n\n $form[message]\n\n Name: $form[first_name]
$form[last_name] \n Email: $form[email] \n Subject: $form[subject] \n",
"From: $form[first_name] $form[last_name] <$form[email]>\nReply-To:
$form[first_name] $form[last_name] <$form[email]>\nContent-type:
text/plain\nX-Mailer: PHP/" . phpversion());

Only a week or so ago, I've switched server machines from the one that had
version 4.0.4pl1 (my old server) over to a new server that has version

The other differences I  can see from these two is that the 4.1.2 version
has magic_quotes_gpc on, where the other one didn't.

How would I set this up so that the comments posted in my forms doesn't get
addslashed? I tried adding the stripslashes, but what happened was I get an
email with no data in it.

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