Im new at this so i got some problems that i would like to solve.
  First i have Linux Debian 2.2.19 version running on my poor server
  :) and i installed apache web server...everything goes well... i can
  access peoples websites like this Http://localhost/~user/ but
  uploading is terrible. Because you have to send though SSH. I wanted
  to do FTP server but i don't know how to do it.. i looked at some
  manuals of apache and didn't fount how to do like this:

  user goes to ftp://localhost/ then he writes his user name and
  password and he can access his public_html folder to upload files or
  delete them. How to do this thing? is there some tutorials that i
  couldn't find? or anybody can help me directly? i would appreciate
  Thank You.

        Have A Nice Day! 
 Mantas Kriauciunas A.k.A mNTKz


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