On Wed, 2002-04-03 at 04:00, Michael Zornek wrote:
> I've been learning a little bit about CVS and am considering using it
> for dev of some group PHP sites.
> Anyone doing this? comments?

I've been using CVS for all of my PHP projects for the past several
months.  Now that I have been using it I can't imagine how I ever got
along without it.  It is a lifesaver when it comes to stamping out bugs
since it's very easy to see changes you have made between revisions and
roll them back if necessary.  If you have multiple developers working on
the same project (as I do at my company) then it is a necessity IMHO as
it keeps the developers from stepping on each others toes for the most
part.  Coding projects in CVS and testing them on different servers also
helps you to ensure that your code is "portable" enough to be installed
on different servers (it's somewhat embarrassing, but before CVS I would
sometimes hard-code variables with the current hostname of my server,
for example, forgetting that it would cause a problem if the hostname
ever changes, etc.)

CVS is a complex piece of software, at least when you consider all of
it's applications.  The best way to start using it and to learn it is to
just use it's basic functions at first and then later on start picking
up the more advanced applications (such as tags, branches, merging,
diffing between arbitrary revisions, sticky tags, etc. etc.).

Anyway, hope this helped.  If you have specific questions about using
CVS for PHP development feel free to ask...

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