I am running code on different versions of PHP, specifically 4.0.6 and
4.1.2.  For some reason, you have to use $HTTP_SERVER_VARS["HTTP_HOST"]) on
4.0.6 and $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] on 4.1.2.  I'm not sure who thought that
breaking backward compatibility was a good idea, but let's ignore that for
the moment.  In this situation, the obvious thing to do here would be to
make a common function to return the hostname.  But, this does not work as
illustrated below:

----------------- this is the main PHP script
include ("crap.php");

function thisalsonowork()
 print "Third one: (".isset($HTTP_SERVER_VARS["HTTP_HOST"]).")";

print "Second one: (".isset($HTTP_SERVER_VARS["HTTP_HOST"]).")";

--------------- this is the include/require script
function thisnowork()
 print "First one: (".isset($HTTP_SERVER_VARS["HTTP_HOST"]).")";

----------- Here is the output

First one: ()Second one: (1)Third one: ()

Besides the fact that the different versions of PHP provide different
environment variables for determining the host, the isset() on the env
variable works differently inside a function.  What is going on here?

Am I just missing something obvious?


-- Brian

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