I did that first thing. Also tried chmod g+rwx

I can copy manually via Telnet, but something is wrong with my PHP script.


Craig ><>

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You must to set the folder  where you want to save the file to CHMOD 777

Enter to your site via FTP and CHMOD your folder to 777 or rwxrwxrwx

Regards! Julian

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I'm trying to copy daily Analog Stats Report to a archive file. (see code
below) Destination file doesn't exist. I get this error:

Warning: Unable to create '030402.html': Permission denied in
/usr/www/users/cfth/WWW_REPORTS/analogarchive.php on line 9
/WWW_REPORTS/analogarchive.php:Error failed to copy the file www.html

It appears to be a permission problem. How do I set permissions to allow me
to do this?


Craig ><>

# copy daily analog report to archive file
$filename = "www.html";
$newfn = date("dmy");
$fnex = ".html";
if (!file_exists($filename)) {
echo "Sorry cannot find the file $filename";
} else {
if (!copy($filename, $newfn.$fnex)) {
echo "$PHP_SELF:Error failed to copy the file $filename";
} else {
echo "The file $filename copied OK to $fn$fnex";

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