On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, Denis L. Menezes wrote:
> What I wish to do is develop a mailinmg list which , among the normal
> functions, can give a list of failed email messages. Can anyone please help
> me find such an application code?

The best you can do is to make sure the return address on your outbound 
messages directs to a program that will look through bounces to try to 
figure out the failed address. You can add an extra header to help you. 
For instance, send out your messages with


and then just scan incoming mail at that address for X-List-To: (.*) which 
will give you the failed addresses. Then add them to or subtract them from 
a database.

There's no practical way to find out about failed deliveries while you're 
sending; you have to sit back and wait until the bounces come in (even 
though some of them might come very quickly).


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