>1. PHP automatically sticks in the backslash in front
>of apostrophes and quotation marks. This seems
>weird.... Don't trust it. What's up here?

It is a setting of php.ini.
magic_quotes_gpc is it.
Default setting is magic_quotes_gpc=On, it means add slashes in front of 
\ and ' of the data required from a form(i.e. http get & post 
See the function reference of get_magic_quotes_gpc() and ini_set().

>3. The mail function doesn't send e-mail, or I should
>say hasn't yet (after a few hours). Is this a PHP
>setting? Maybe the sendmail functionality is wonky on
>the server? Or is it possible PHP isn't looking in the
>proper place for the sendmail stuff?
 Can you send an email with your sendmail program of your hardware?
 sendmail setting must be done properly.

Hiroshi Ayukawa

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