An idea I'd love to throw up here would be not letting the user know
you're spying him:

Make a Java Script function (yes, you will need JavaScript for that)
that has timeout every 10 seconds. Use JS unction escape() and read the
field values of your form assigning them to the JS variables after what,
load a graphic with the JS vars passed in the IMG SRC link each 10
seconds passed.

Your graphic will actually be a PHP script that records the data and
does all kind of grows things, yet outputs just some silly image
headers. This sway user has no clue (or almost) that what he's typing in
your form you're already being collecting, even so he pressed no submit
buttons yet.

I made an intranet editor that had this failure-free feature similar to
MS Word.


Maxim Maletsky
Founder, Chief Developer (Where PHP Begins)

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> From: Martin Kampherbeek [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 11:23 AM
> Subject: [PHP] auto submit
> Is the folowing possible to do?
> I fill in a form and press submit.
> Then I read a record from a database. With this data it submits to the
read submits
> url. After 10 seconds, it reads the next record and submits that data.
etc etc
> So I don't have to push submit each time I want to submit. After 10
seconds it read
> the next record and submits again.
> Could this be done? So yes, how?

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