And here's the really wacky part i just found out. I have a page in prod
that uploads MP3s.
Part off what it does is upload the file, examine its' type , and then
discard the file if it's not the type expected. Assuming the web host was
set to not allow uploads of jpg and gif, the MP3 page wouldve errored out
, saying it couldn't upload the file;  but the weird thing is that it
_can_ upload jpgs and gifs, but needless to say discards them because
they are the wrong type.

I tried the same MP3 page in developmen, but it exhibits the same behavior
as the image upload page in that it won't even upload a jpeg or gif.  This
leads me to bleieve I've got some sort of configuration issue here.
Both eprod and dev are on the same box.  Here's the paths to the 2 pages:



On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, Miguel Cruz wrote:

> On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, Carl Schmidt wrote:
> > Thank you for the code snippets.  Unfortunately the problem is that I
> > can'tget far enough to process the file.  When the php script that
> > supposed to process the file tests with is_uploaded_file, it fails.  In
> > addtion, the $HTTP_POST_FILE['userfile']['tmp_name']=none.  So i can't
> > process anything since, as far as php is concerned, it appears nothing is
> > uploaded.
> What happens if you take a file that works, and rename it so the extension
> is .GIF, and try uploading it? I mean, obviously it won't be a valid
> image, but will it transfer and show up?
> miguel

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