This should work:
<input type="hidden" name="chosen_birth_month" value="<?echo

If the hidden input structure name is the same as the radio buttons' name,
you could run into trouble. Also, you forgot quotes around the 'hidden'. Why
try to use the form name as a class (survey->'$birth_month')?


Rudolf Visagie
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Subject: [PHP] hidden value

I had designed a web survery.
As there is some bugs of "session" function on php windows version.
so i use hidden value to pass the data to next page.

here are the code:

<form name="survey"....>
<input type="radio" value="Jan" name="birth_month" checked>January
<input type=hidden name="birth_month" value=<? echo "survey->'$birth_month'"

It seems that it can pass the data/variable to next page.
but i don't know why the variable display on the page, not hidden.

I think my php code that pass hidden value had error but i don't know how to
Can anyone help me?


best regards,

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