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>I know that this is way off topic, but I was wondering if someone could help
>me. I couldn't think of anywhere else to look for info. So here are my
>questions. If someone could help me out or point me in the direction of a
>good resource I would be very grateful. But here goes.
>I just started setting everything up with I've set it up to
>send all of the information correctly to, but I had some
>questions about the relay script that recieves the information. How am I
>supposed to handle the times when x_Response_Code doesn't equal 1?

I donīt know about, only that I cannot access them ??
But thatīs not the answer

>  How do I
>get it so that the input fields reappear? On most sites they pop back up if
>an invalid credit card number is entered or any other error, but on mine it

If you only send some data to
You have to store the data, your clients entered in some, connected by a 
cookie or session,
file, or db. When the data has to be showed again, you select the 
and take the data from file/db to show again. Your form looks like:
         echo '<input type="text" name="name" ';
                 echo 'value='.$name.'>';
                 echo '>';
         ... other fields

>Do I have to set up the fields myself or is there something I can
>do to make it reput them all back on the page? Also when it's approved and
>goes through the user can keep hitting refresh and it charges them multiple
>times and sends them an email each time. Is this just because I'm in test
>mode or is there something I can do to prevent this? Thanks a ton,

Look in the list, this questions was asked some times ago.
For a little help, store a value, which is connected to your clients pay-page.
if this f.e. hidden value is send again, the client clicked twice.

BTW I wouldnīt store any creditcardinformation in the file/db for sec. reasons.
And delete the other informations, after the deal is complete.

HTH Oliver

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