I've tried the following script:
mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]", 'Subject', 'Message', "From:
on PHP 4.1.2-32 with Apache on a Win2k machine.
The ISP smtp is known as "smtp" in the Outlook send server acct and the smtp
server requires requires authentication. If I ping it, I get the real smtp
name, let's say ssmtp.domain.com, so I tried in php.ini (at the system dir):

SMTP = smtp
sendmail_from = [EMAIL PROTECTED]


SMTP = ssmtp.domain.com
sendmail_from = [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Neither option makes the above script work. Nor the numeric IP address
itself. I get "Server Error" response. I suspect this is because of the
authentication requirement. If this is so, is there a way to specify this
authentication either in php.ini or in the script?

Any input is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


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