At 04.04.2002  18:05, you wrote:
>Hi all, I'm new to the list (and php too...)
>I noticed that using the binary distribution of php_oci8.dll with oracle
>8.0.5 leads to an error becouse of the lob functions (not supplied with
>8.0.5 oci or not implemented in oracle 8.0.5 ?), so that I had to recompile
>the lib putting somewhere in php_oci8.h
>This manner I have an oci lib without lob functions (I don't know what they
>are (large object bxxx ???), so maybe I don't need them...).
>I'd like to know if I'm doing well or the oci lib are supported only using
>oracle 8.1.7 client. I didn't find anything in docs or src.
Wrong List,
check out
maybe they could help you. Or as everywhere noted "google is your friend"

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